3 Sure-Fire Tips For Choosing Profitable Keywords

By using these 3 simple sure-fire tips for choosing profitable keywords you will be able to increase not only the traffic to your website but you will find that your income from ads placed on your web pages will improve dramatically.

What self-respecting webmaster doesn’t want their site to be found on the first page of Search Engine results? What website owner doesn’t want each of their web pages to appear as the first choice of results for their keywords? What eCommerce site doesn’t want to earn a gazillion dollars on the Google AdSense appearing on their web pages?

Why not maximize your income and the search results for each of your web pages by choosing profitable keywords?

Here’s how…

Tip #1:
The first step is to use the theory of supply and demand to your advantage when selecting the keywords for each of your web pages. Basically you want to choose keywords with higher demand and lower supply.

Essentially what this means is that many people use a particular keyword or keyword phrase when performing a search, (the demand) yet there are very few websites that are using that same keyword, (the supply).

Tip #2:
Rather than selecting a single keyword, identify a keyword phrase. For example, this article is written using the keyword phrase “choosing profitable keywords” which has a much smaller supply than the single term “keyword”. The supply data shows that this keyword phase is much less than the demand. That means that the people using this search term are much more likely to find this article since it will appear on the first page of search results.

Tip #3:
Use the free version of the Google AdWords Tool to determine the profitability of the keywords you select for the content on your web pages. It is astounding how a simple twist in the order of words or using a plural (or non-plural) version of a two or three keyword phase can change the worth from a meager 5 cents to $10 or far more.